Zacchaeus jpgBased on Luke 19; 1-10

Too short

to see

over the crowd

through the problem

over the mountains on the road ahead.

But desire and need pushes me

to run and climb

a sycamore

search a solution,

scale a peak

to gain perspective and see what others can see.

You see my heart, you see my hope, you see

my need and want

and you call my name…


‘Come down immediately.

I must stay at your house


A smile touches my lips as joy fills my heart.

You cross the threshold and enter the house.

No doubt,

No regret.

Others don’t understand.

They only blame,

see the shame

in my craft to survive.

My will to live is strong,

so strong it draws me to You.

I am not proud

I now see You

because You know me

It humbles me, that even though I do not deserve it

You called me.

Even though I am wretched

You chose to break bread

with me.

Was I rich?

I am at a loss

for what I had is dross

compared to the gold

of Your presence in my life.

I’ll give it back four-fold,

I’ll give it away because what is left

will never be taken

and will never leave.

I am saved.

I am yours Lord.

26.06.2016 slk


The Son of Man did not come for the righteous but for lost people, like them. It is for sinners that Jesus has come, and there is no other way of salvation than the way of Zacchaeus, the prodigal son, and other sinners. Apart from the prayer of the tax collector (“God, have mercy on me, a sinner,” 18:13), there can be no salvation. If this offends the self-righteous, so be it. There is no other gospel, for “the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost” (19:10).[1]

[1] Stein, R. H. (1992). Vol. 24: Luke. The New American Commentary (469–470). Nashville: Broadman & Holman Publishers.