Ripples In The Water

Day in, Day out

Day in, Day out

Most of the things I do or write are related to the way I view the world around me.  This is true for the ‘ripples’ in the water.  An impression, a pondering, a thought out loud or quietly written down.  The intent is a purposeful use of blog space in which I separate the poetry from the day to day or week to week musings.  

Here you will find words that are no less inspired, just in a different way. A place to share the day in, day out of things, where the rubber meets the road and the fluttering butterfly’s wing causes a hurricane. Of course I’ve grossly overdrawn on the metaphoric bank in that last sentence.  On any given day in my life here as an American living in Switzerland, I’ll have some idea or thought to share from the cross cultural experience.

The other categories are self-explanatory; sharing about family and friends, health and wellness or about work and play.  And just so you understand about the butterfly, my point is the same with ripples in the water.  Have you ever had one of those days where even the smallest of things seems to throw everything off balance?  I certainly have.  And if I don’t guard my heart, I can get caught up in that ripple effect.  Things that dwell in the heart tend to have repercussions on the outside world, that is to say the world outside of what goes on inside.

 And so Dear Reader, I am trying to explain the divergence from pure poetry to musings and writings on this blog.  Writing is one of my coping mechanisms.  So is prayer.  I hope too that you can see that this aspect of my world  has a focus and feeling which is God/ Christ centered.  

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