I Can’t Wait for Spring!

Last year's Echinacea, frozen flower waiting for SpringGray and Rainy days

It’s gray and dreary outside and though we’ve recently had a snowfall, it was rained away in the same day. And more rain is predicted. What to do…?

Winter can put you in a holding pattern sometimes, can’t it? A ‘wait until warmer spring weather to do this project’ hold, or a ‘once it is lighter in the morning I can get up earlier and be more motivated to do that’ routine.

Can you relate to this? Does it sound like your M.O.? Do you ‘hibernate’ in the winter, become less active and more in tune with Hygge (pronounced hue-guh), Gemütlichkeit, or a snuggly, cozy, under the down comforter peace of mind?  I know I do, but only up to a point.

Once February and March roll around, something funny starts to happen to me.

The scales are starting to tip. I don’t mean the type that shame you into a hyper-exercise drive to rid yourself of the winter weight for that perfect bikini body (what IS that anyway?!?).

I am speaking about the gray scales to green, the dull and dreary to fresh and sparkly. And folks, let me tell you- I CAN’T WAIT!!

Snowdrops burst forth in February, first signs of Spring

Open Your Eyes to New Possibilities

Think about this: Year in, year out new growth makes its way to the surface of the soil or the bark and a bud or bloom forms. Even in February! Flowers, YES!! They do close tightly when it is cold or dark, but as soon as the sun’s warm rays reach them, they open to be filled with the light.

But the fact is, they don’t just wait for the sun. They’ve been growing through the winter, slowly but surely, and that little bit of sunshine in February is enough of an impetus to get them up and out of the ground, in all their bright and delicate glory.

So, what are we waiting for? I, for one, am eager to get a start on things that need doing before it all piles up like last year’s leaves in the garden.

Be Proactive instead of Reactive

Getting started is only the beginning. It is important to have a focus or goal in mind so that you don’t get waylaid or run the proverbial bunny trail, ending up exhausted before you even start.

You know what you want to accomplish. Write it down. Make a list, check it twice Mrs. Claus!

But don’t forget to put in some time to do the things you enjoy. Plan it in. Plan in a book or a time of drawing, photography, painting or whatever sparks your creativity.

I took some time to get the garden cleared out and took some photos in the process.  The weather report indicated rain the rest of the week so I made a choice. It took me three hours, was invigorating, as well as work that needed doing.  The rose bushes were trimmed and I managed to get the plot cleared of debris by nightfall.  The next morning everything was covered under a blanket of snow!

February flowering primula, can't wait for springOne More Thing, Spring is Almost Here

So, what are the things you have in mind to take care of or accomplish before the warm weather calls you away?  Is there a decluttering project that you’ve been putting off?

How about going through your wardrobe. The clearance sales will be starting soon if they haven’t already begun. Perhaps it is time to pare things down and have an ‘essentials’ or minimalist wardrobe. I sure wouldn’t mind the reduced laundry and ironing with fewer clothes.

Maybe it would also be a great time to visit with a friend, share a coffee and a craft together.  There are myriads of things that I can think of personally, some that would take more time and effort than others, but all would be moving forward in growth, stretching and gaining momentum as the season draws near.

It’s too early to plant outside, but the Lord has planted a growing sense of joy inside. It is one I want to nurture, foster, and let it root and take hold to blossom.  And I want to encourage you in the same way.


I put together an additional ‘LIST’ just for you.

These are seven fun little suggestions to help you get motivated for Spring.

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I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed preparing them.

And, I did it, I just had to add a bit of poetic flair. That’s just weird little me.


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