Hope in Springs Eternal

wood violets- hope in springs eternal


In the spring, the dawn of new life, joy of new birth

Awakening of Nature

A season of awe, a season of rejoicing.

From winter’s dormant rest to life’s emergence

New experience, rapid growth, hesitant steps, tumblings

Assured strides forward, running with glee, racing for glory

Hiding, seeking, treasures untold, memories made

Many firsts, from dependency to independence

Trusting, learning, letting go, learning, choosing, learning

Gathering momentum.

summer lilac- hope in springs eternal

To summer the years pass, in full bloom, of full stature

Awakening of being

A time of ripening, a time of maturing

Going forth and standing on one’s own

Weathering winds good or ill

Gained experience carries into the days to come

What is suffered and accepted with grace

Is sustained through dignity and resolve

What is not forgiven and bound

Brings only bitterness

A heavy load for the years ahead

Years of building a foundation, well spent or not

Persevere to the end.

autumn beech - hope in springs eternal

Autumn arrives, a timeless beauty, an endless change

Awakening  the senses

The richness of harvest, the richness of colour and hue

Grandeur of life, reaping what was sown, times of thanksgiving

In these august years leaves are shed

Cares, worries, woes fall away

Principles, rigid thought, stubborn idea

Pragmatism, dogmatism, rheumatism

Some hang tenaciously and some fly haphazardly with the wind

Though thought to bring fullness of life, wisdom and understanding

They now lay on the roadside feckless,

Or cause heaviness of heart, a breaking of body and soul.

What remains to be seen and held attends the journey through

The last season of life.

winter fox trail - hope in springs eternal

Winter, not as the world sees it, a time of death, a time of inactivity, an end

But awakening the soul

An age to rethink, an age to review

To enjoy the pristine beauty of the blanketed landscape.

The sun is brighter, the sky more blue

The diamonds that shine out

Are there for those in earlier seasons

To ask after, to revere, to cherish.

What was will not always be

For this time shall pass

Heavy, harsh winters may cause sorrow and suffering untold

But this too shall pass.


What we do, how we respond, how we live and learn

In the seasons of life God has given us

Therein will lie our path

For when the time comes

As it must for all

To sleep in an infinite repose

For us now and for those who come after

Remains hope in springs eternal.

S.L.Kern  11.02.2004

april daffodil - hope in springs eternal

This poem was written in loving memory of my grandfather Edward Radtke  (January 11, 1913-February 8, 2004)