The day though shining, warm and bright

just brings more pressure, eyes squint tight

The will would like to run and jump

but body’s seized by the muffley grump


This nauseating wushley thing

makes joints to ache and eyes to sting

and mood gone south down to the dump

A fuzzy headed muffley grump


I wish I could see clear today

with energy to laugh and play

a carefree and productive time

but not this day, not for a dime


So wait it out is all I can

with humor, patience, other plan

It does no good to whine and frump

when courted by the muffley grump


Some days are good and some are blessed

those times I cherish, they’re the best

To see well and to think clearly

A day as such I hold so dearly


And thankful I am when I’m well

able to do more , not to dwell

Eyes open, seeing beauty there

even though God is still near


in times when I’m not at my best

reduced to less, to wait, to rest

In trust I see, succeed I can

Measured by God and not by man.

slk 25 Feb 2014


(The power of migraines)