Focus and Perspective


Focus and Perspective- a place of quiet repose


Focus and perspective behind the lens

to share with you a glimpse of the world I see. 

To marvel at the wonder and beauty of God’s creation and creativity,

and sometimes that of our own.

Under the Category of Focus and Perspective, you’ll find these things:




After the rainfall- Spring slk


 Landscapes ⇐ highs and lows, ups and downs, here and there and






 Flora ⇒ flowers in all their blooming glory and color

 sans fragrance. (I would if I could, but I can’t.)






Curious Blaumeise


Fauna ⇐ critters of various art and nature I’ve encountered here

in the wild or in captivity. ** Under construction







Appenzell Märlihaus


Architecture ⇒ the beauty and artistry of structure, not just

building but more (Man made) ** Under construction








   Seasons ⇐ Depending on the times of year, an occasional showcase

of the season, or a four-season tribute. ** Under construction


Frozen Berberitze





** Some of the galleries or albums have not been put together yet.  I am working on a way to allow for a better and reasonable loading time on the site.  Please be patient and please do share your thoughts.  Thanks for looking in.  Sandi


Technical Information: All the images on this blog are my own*, either snapped with my Canon EOS 1000D SLR using a normal 18-55mm lens for close-ups or a 70-300mm lens for landscapes. In addition I have acquired a new Canon 80-D and am learning lots of new tricks and settings.

*The only image I have used with permission is the title page Crystal Clear sunrise. This was taken by my daughter at dawn on 01.01.2013 with my camera.

As I mentioned before- I am a hobby photographer so the majority of the photos are untouched.  There are some obvious photos  that are retouched with Corel Photopaint.  Other graphic images are processed using Canva.

Please do not copy my work without written permission from me.  You can reach me through the comment section below with your specific request.

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