A River of Words pass by

In the ebb and flow of Life

Sometimes I find myself in a place of reflection, or musing over something I’ve read or seen. On these occasions words seem to flow, coming quickly to rest on whatever writing surface I happen to have handy.

The process is one of jotting down and editing as I go. Then I’ll give it a pause and come back to look once again. If the meter is tricky or I haven’t found the right word it takes longer.  I’ll even read it out loud to my family to help with the ‘lyric’.

This process can take hours or even days depending on the poem.  You’ll note the odd dates on some of the poetry.  It is a mixture of the past and the present.  All of it has gone through some revision in being brought here.

But in time the words may fade from the page and the spoken verse may be forgotten. Yet each of these poems has a special place in my heart and my own history.  Each marks a moment of time and reflection on the depth and mystery of Life, of God’s grace and goodness. Words tempered with levity and gravity, with love and loss.


Flow is designated to be the space for that ever changing river of words- Poetry.  In the following categories you will find:

  • Biblical Poetry- Inspired by a passage from the Word of God with reference to the verses given at the end.

  • Inspiration- Similarly related to the biblical poetry but more thematic and guided by life situations we encounter. These thoughts are how faith helps us in our failings, victories, sorrows and joys.

  • Children’s Poetry- Written with younger hearts in mind, with a fun tongue-in-cheek or sometimes a moral /cautionary tone.  Then again there are a few odd little observations of the wondrous workings of the world.

  • Song- The melodies are not written (I cannot compose) but they are there in my head, or were when the verse came about.

  • Other- A category of poetry/prose that is neither ‘religious’ nor biblical yet still poetry written when the words do flow past at times.