Alone? Aware


With myriads of voices in a sea of despair

I cry out for help, ‘God? Is anyone there?’

The clang is so tiny, drowned out in the roar

I’m only one person, there are millions more.


Do my ears deceive me?

Did I hear my name?

It tis but a whisper, I hear it again.


‘My child, my beloved.  I called you, tis I

who made heaven and earth

the waters and sky.

Each blade of grass,

each leaf on each tree,

the songbird, the eagle, are precious to me.


The change of the seasons all planned with my care

Rotations of Earth,

and Time’s march- I’m aware.

The sunrise and sunset,

the twilight and night

The ant’s earnest labor, the albatross’ flight.


I hear flowers open in praise of the sun

the chorus of creatures when night has begun.

The tempest’s deep bass and the rain’s gentle drum.

All this I created with forethought and care

Do you not believe that I am aware.


I saw you in my heart before you were born,

I know your thoughts, harried, bruised, anxious and torn.

I knew what it would take to set the world free

and humbled myself to be hanged on a tree.


Grace, mercy are yours, but one thing you must do.

Turn away from your old life and know I love you.

You’re precious to me, I have called you my own

Take my hand, let me lead ’til I call you home.’

slk 18,01.2012

Alone? God is Aware


Written for those who are struggling, or crying out for help, in desperation to a ‘God’ they may have heard of but have not yet taken seriously.  He is there!


Interestingly enough- today’s devotional thought- a ‘Ryalism’-

“Wisdom shouts in the streets wherever crowds gather.” (Pro_1:20, Contemporary English Version)
Do you know that God wants to talk to you? Even in the midst of a thousand different distractions, there is one Voice that can always be heard – but only by those who want to hear. It is the voice of Wisdom.