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The writer of the blog Crystal Clear is Sandra Lynn Kern.  She is the author of the poetry and thoughts within this space. Who is she? I’d describe her as a quiet, introspective individual.

Sand2seed.com came about at first as an allegory for my name.  Sand also being a silicate, is what I like to think of as ‘crystal seed’. Something that starts out rough, but through time, under fire and pressure, with experience a simple, beautiful transformation occurs along a journey to a higher calling. What ever the outcome, be it smooth and sparkly or a chip on the shoulder, I try to remind myself that I am not in this walk alone and it is not for myself.


My first priority is to honor God in what I do with my life.  My second priority is to honor my family which includes my husband Ueli and my two kids, Johanna  and Jesse.  It may not be obvious all the time, but it is certainly at the core of everything I do.

And a third priority comes out of the desire to help others.  It’s the driving force behind most of the things I’ve done in my life. Early on, I wanted to help people who struggled with a life-threatening illness.  That naturally brought me into the field of nursing, specifically working in Oncology.

Later on, after we met and married, my husband and I left for the mission field in the Middle East to teach English in a Christian School. We returned to Switzerland for the birth of our youngest and to take over the family farm. A year later, we began working as home directors in a Swiss missions office to send out missionaries from Switzerland.

I also  stayed at home while my children went through the obligatory school years; and more recently, I’ve served in the church in the Women’s ministry and Worship ministry, as well as assisted English teaching at a private school.

Something to share, something to take away

I hope you enjoy reading and pondering what is written on the blog.  Crystal Clear is a way for me to express creative ideas, through poetry, photography, music, handcrafts or daily living.  The poetry often comes when either something profound or whimsical hits. The photography is a latent hobby that I’ve passed on to both kids.  Through the view finder I see the wonder of God’s nature in the world.  You’ll notice my special penchant for flowers, the woods, and the Shed.

The true source of creativity within comes from the Lord and to Him I give my deepest thanks and utmost gratitude for each and every situation that has caused me to put pen to paper, fingers to keyboard or camera shutter here.   And thank YOU dear reader, for taking the time to share by reading and adding your comments below.

Sandra Lynn Kern



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