A Prayer For You

 A Prayer For You ( A Parent‘s Prayer) You may think it a disappointment This frown upon my face...

The Purpose of Pottery

The Purpose of Pottery Why am I Just a jar of clay? Plain, simple Of mundane use Rustic, rounded,...

A Country Not My Own

A Country Not My Own There was a time when I was young That I did search for something...

Ode Tannenbaum: A Tree Boughs Down

 Ode Tannenbaum A Tree Boughs Down I would not suppose you can imagine, the hurt I feel, the pain,...

How To Persuade Your Kids To Eat Vegetables Using Books

How To Persuade Your Kids To Eat Vegetables Using Books    How Can I Get My Kidlets To Eat...
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A Prayer For You
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A Country Not My Own
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How To Persuade Your Kids To Eat Vegetables Using Books


A place of repose. Strength and perseverance for a long journey are often found in a place of quiet repose.

slk 12.03.2016

My perspective here.

About me

Welcome to Crystal Clear

Hello, I'm Sandi

I am the poet and writer of this blog, married to my DH Ueli, and mom of two teenagers with two cats. We live on a farm in Switzerland, in a very old house which we are renovating.

For over 35 years I've been writing poetry, and delving into photography within the past 10 years. If you're curious about the site, please follow the 'about' link.

A River of Words pass by


In the ebb
and flow of Life,
a river of words
pass by.

slk 12.03.16

You'll find here in FLOW some of my thoughts on that journey.

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